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Milos Round Trip

The perfect weather conditions cruise.


The main port of Milos and the first encounter of visitors with the island.

Was founded in the 1830s by refugees from Sfakia Creta.


Klima is like a postcard, a lovely fishing village that will undoubtedly steal your heart.

The colourful fishing village. An ancient harbour. Part of it lies now under the sea, along with the lost hands of Venus de Milo, as the legend says.


Arkoudes in Greek means Bears.

At the entrance of the natural gulf of Milos, a complex of lava rocks forms the shape of an open-mouthed bear in every detail.


Also known as ``Sea Meteora``, Kleftiko is the signature image of Milos.

Kleftiko is a complex of white, volcanic rocks and caves, created by the waves and winds.

Cape Vani

Cape Vani, located northwest of the entrance of the Gulf of Milos, with the high cliffs projecting through the sea, looks like guarding the island.

Huge, vertically cut rocks, with horizontal layers in black and ruby-red. Used to be a caldera at the bottom of the sea.


A natural bay with colour combinations out of the ordinary.

A series of coves disturbed by strips of sand and pebbles.


The small beach and the cave of Sikia on the west side of Milos, leave the visitor dazzled by the majesty of nature that lies in front of him.

The stunning open-roof sea cave, accessible only by the sea.


If you love adventure, this is the beach for you.

Nested between cliffs on the southern coast of the island, Tsigrado is among the best beaches in Milos.


A long strip of light sand under the shadow of a high mountain.

A bay of emerald water, surrounded by massive, white cliffs.


One of the most popular beaches. Hot springs, steaming fumaroles and warm sand.

Crystal clear water with warm currents, produced by underwater gazers, that surprise you pleasantly here and there.


A beach with yellow pebbles and crystal clear waters travels you through time.

In the small bay of Paliorema, a wild and mysterious landscape. You can enjoy your swim, next to the ruins of the facilities of the old extraction mines.


The biggest uninhabited island of Greece. Fascinates visitors with the deep-blue colour of the water around it.

Poliaigos is one of the most untouched islands in the Mediterranean sea.


The ``Seagull Islands``, which is the meaning of the Greek name Glaronisia, are made entirely out of volcanic rock. Mother nature at its best!

Thousands of standing pentagonal and hexagonal columns, in an impressive synthesis.

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